TrueVision supports multiple “heads-up” Fluorescence image modes. TrueVision’s Fluorescence package is designed to be brighter and more detailed than what the surgeons can see through the eyepieces.

The software has the ability to perform a color transformation to overlay the fluorescent signal in green on the live (white light) view.

TrueVision devices can connect to and display visualization from your existing fluorescence module.

Image Quality

  • Sharper image quality
  • High dynamic range (HDR) promotes uniform illumination
  • Wider field of view than traditional ocular views
  • Higher light sensitivity - great image in low light setting
  • See more details of anatomy and agents

Heads-up Surgery® for IR applications

Imaging Modes

5-ALA Fluorescence (Leica FL 400)


Fluorescein Fluorescence (Leica FL 560)


ICG Fluorescence (Leica FL 800)


Fluorescence is not a cleared device by the FDA and not available for commercial sale. The Leica FL 400, FL 560, and FL 800 are not sold by TrueVision.